About me

I'm a architecture student. Taking BA Architecture (RIBA part 1) in University of Westminster. Currently in studio DS3 (2) with Mr. Roberto Bottazzi and Mrs. Maria Kramer. Our studio is a community hub, all about the architecture connection to the local. Term 1 is to design a community garden which connect to what local people needs. Term 2 is to develop a Multi-functional proposal in symbiosis with a ecology, in arm to find the relationship and the balance between plants, animals, people and their environment. In the beginning of term 2, I had two weeks practice with Studio Cullinan And Buck Architects Ltd(SCABAL).

My year 2 was studying in DS2(5) with Mrs.Camilia Wilkinson and Mr.Chris Bryant. In this studio, The sites for both projects are in Margate. Margate has the famous Tuner contemporary. Therefore we are arm to discover what dose the valium of art can bring to Margate. Semester 1 project was to design a fish and chips shop to understand the site and what we have to focus that design a project near a sea site. Semester 2 was to develop a school in Margate. Margate has one of the lowest levels of education in the UK, leading students to drop out of school and become unemployed. This school is an unconventional type of educational building designed to build a stronger relationship between the community and the students. At the same time, this educational institution can combine with some local cultures and festivals to design costumes for the organizers and participants, so as to promote Margate culture.

Before I went to university, I was studied A-level in Tenby International school in Malaysia and Taken art foundation in Kings college, Oxford. Theos great journey gave me the strong foundation that I can go through my architecture course. 


2018-2021       University of Westminster (London. UK)

2018-2018       King's Oxford Art Foundation (Oxford, UK)

2016-2017       Tenby International School (Ipoh, Malaysia)